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This is a compilation of features that were introduced in trunk after the 0.6 branch. These features are available in OpenTTD 0.7.0 (For all versions Features look here)

Major Features are features that have a noticable influence on gameplay if used. Smaller new features are listed under Minor Features.

Major Features

Minor Features

  • On Screen Keyboard for e.g. handheld devices (r12425)
  • Show/Hide detailed information in station window (r12446)
  • Invisibility buttons in the transparency GUI (r12547)
  • Show supplied cargo when building stations (r12596)
  • Show last joined server (r12709)
  • [NewGRF] Station animation (r12798)
  • [NewGRF] Sounds for stations and industries (r12817)
  • Sorting in bridge building dialog (r13159)
  • Splitting of the main toolbar on low resolutions (r13339)
  • [NewGRF] Long format year and date:
    • for Vehicles (r13376)
    • for Houses (r13437)
    • for Industries (r13443)
  • More information about multiplayer servers in the list (r13732)
  • [NewGRF] NewGRF Presets (r13781)
  • [NewGRF] Show NewGRF info in the tile query window (r13830)
  • Waypoint window (r14104, r14127)
  • [NewGRF] Property 0x13 for bridges (16 bit cost multiplier) (r14172)
  • New base graphics system (essential for the Graphics Replacement project) (r14197)
  • Palette override (r14229)
  • [NewGRF] Variational Action 2 Variable 0x47 for houses, coordinates of the house tile (r14294)
  • Reset [vehicle, group, town, ...] to default name (r14334)
  • Non-destructive autofill for Timetables (r14592)
  • [NewGRF] Action 0 Industries property 24: Default name for nearby station (r14598)
  • Autodetect font that supports the chosen language (r14618)
  • [NewGRF] Enable Property 4 (model life) for wagons -> wagons can now also expire (r14680)
  • Option to scroll with left mouse button for e.g. touchscreens (r14789)
  • Configurable date format for savegames/screenshots + ISO date format (r14791, r14792)
  • Hold Ctrl while building a bridge to build the last built bridge type if possible (r14805)
  • Quick Goto (r14827)
  • Setting wait_[one/two]way_signal to 255 now disables reversing of trains waiting at block signals, as it was already the case with wait_for_pbs_path and path signals. (r14852)
  • [NewGRF] Support for RV Property 15: Increase maximum speed for road vehicles to 318 mph (previously 79 mph) (r14869)
  • Remove hard window limit, add configurable soft limit for non-sticky windows. (r14899)
  • Option to keep various building tools (station, bridge, tunnel, ...) active after building (r14902)
  • Distant-join stations (r14919)
  • Allow vehicle introduction dates later than 2050 (r14926)
  • Tree-view Advanced Settings window (r14960 - r14974)
  • IP range bans (r15094)
  • [NewGRF] Customize house name via callback 0x14D (r15172)
  • [NoAI] AI configuration GUI (r15175, r15188)
  • Server can change client name from console (r15200)
  • Ability to load Transport Tycoon (TTO) savegames (r15216)
  • Move clients between companies ingame via console (r15242)
  • Improved company finance window (r15301)
  • Per-town setting of road layout (r15340 - r15342)
  • Filter content download list by tags/name (r15372)
  • Possibility to select base graphics set ingame (r15389)
  • [NewGRF] Support vehicle vars 0x47 and 0xF2 in purchase list (r15542)
  • Show required/already delivered cargo needed for town growth in town view window (r15559)
  • Allow building road stops on road/tram tracks of competitors (r15601)
  • Automatic numbering of custom named vehicles when cloning (r15621)
  • Allow setting the maximum number of towns to be created in the "Generate World" window (r15695)
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