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Out of Date
This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
Mapgen window has been re-arranged, random seed is gone amongst other changes

The menu bar

Game controls
Pause Pause
Fast Forward Fast forward
Options Game options · Difficulty settings · Advanced Settings · AI settings · NewGRF settings · Transparency options
Save/Load Save game · Load game · Abandon game · Exit
Map information
Minimap Map of world · Extra viewport · Sign list
Town directory Town directory
Subsidies Subsidies
Station list Station list
Company and industry information
Finances screen Finances screen
Company Information Company information
Graphs Operating profit graph · Income graph · Delivered cargo graph · Performance history graph · Company value graph · Cargo payment rates
Company league Company league table · Detailed performance rating
Industries Industry directory · Fund new industry
Vehicle information
Train list Trains list
Road vehicle list Road vehicles list
Ship list Ships list
Aircraft list Aircrafts list
Zoom in Zoom in
Zoom out Zoom out
Build railroads Railway construction · Electrified railway constructions · Monorail construction · Maglev construction
Build roads Roadway construction · Tramway construction
Build docks Waterways construction
Build airports Airport construction
Landscape Landscaping · Plant trees · Place sign
Jukebox Sound/music
News Last message/news report · Message settings · Message history
Other Land area information · Toggle console · AI debug · Screenshot · Zoomed in screenshot · Whole map screenshot · About OpenTTD

This is how you started your first game probably. Anyways, this is the first button on the main menu.

Main menu new game.png

When you press it, a new screen comes up with a whole bunch of options.


Now that you've gotten this far, here's what the options mean


The top row selects the climate to use. From left to right there are Temperate, Sub-arctic, Sub-tropical and Toyland. Note that Sub-arctic and Sub-tropical have special rules, and Toyland has a limited vehicle selection
Map Size
This is how big that map is. The smallest size is 64 tiles while the biggest is 4096. For single player 512x512 will give you plenty of room.
This is the starting date where your game starts. Default game starts at 1950. Move the counter up to unlock new stuff.
Land Generator
This is the way the land is generated. I suggest you leave it where it is if already on TerraGenesis.
Snow Line
Only available with the Sub-Arctic Climate, this is how many tiles up before snow will stay there forever.
NO. of Towns
This is how many towns are on the map. It will depend on the size of the map. There is Very Low, Low, Normal, High, and Custom.
NO. of Industries
This is how many industries are on the map. It will also depend on the size of the map.
In OpenTTD version 1.0 or earlier, there is None, Very Low, Low, Normal, and High. None means start without industries.
In OpenTTD version 1.1 or later, there is User funded, Minimal, Very Low, Low, Normal, and High. User funded means you will have to fund all industries throughout the game. Minimal starts with the minimal number of industries.
For the Very low to High values, lower values are more useful at larger maps, while higher values are more useful at smaller maps.
Terrain Type
This is how flat or hilly the terrain is.
A smooth map has large fields of even land and slopes are mostly straight lines. A rough map has more changes in height levels and curved slopes. Use the Very Smooth setting for testing proposes.
Random Seed
This is the map the game plays on. Copy it and paste it if you want to play the same map over again or give to a friend. However the other options in this window also apply and modify the result map. In order to recreate the exact same map you must also set the other options to the values they had when creating the original map. Town names will still be different.
Sea Level
A higher sea level will create a map with more sea and less land, and vice versa.
Tree Algorithim
This is how the trees are aligned. Keep it where it is, or it wont look good, unless you don't want any trees, which is 'None'.
Variety Distribution
Gives the option of more variability across the map
Map Edges
This is whether you want the map edges to be randomly generated or you manually generating them.
Whether this edge of the map is water or freeform (water and land). This can only be used if you select "Manual" on the map edges box.


Now that you have set all your settings, press Generate to get started! Once the map has been created you will be taken to the Game interface.

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