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OpenTTD 的制作参考了克里斯索耶所制作的运输大亨豪华版,并在它的基础上做出了巨大的提升. 除此之外,很多灵感也由TTDPatch 而来. 你可以从这里看到OpenTTD与TTDPatch之间的比较 Comparison of OpenTTD and TTDPatch features.


  • 多版本 - OpenTTD有Linux 版, Windows, Mac OS X, OS/2 等多个操作系统下的版本,目前甚至做了Android版.
  • 铁轨自动建造工具 - 你可以在任何方向上拖动鼠标从而建造铁轨,电脑会帮你在所选定的方向上建造。
  • 地图更大, 最大可达 4096x4096.
  • 基于从谷歌地球上下载的地形高度数据制作出的高度图,提供了更为真实的场景。主页 以及最新的文档 .
  • 运河/水闸 - 允许玩家在陆地上建造运河,从而使船舶在其上航行。
  • 车站更大 - 车站可以制作的更长,并能容纳更多的月台.
  • 站台分离 - 同一个站点的不同站台之间可以有短距离间隔。
  • Ability to join stations (of same width or length) - Building a station next to another station of the same type, width and lengths creates a single longer station.
  • Waypoints - A special piece of track which can be placed on branching routes to force a train to use a particular branch to reach its destination.
  • Mammoth trains - Trains can be much longer.
  • Multi-headed trains - Trains can have more than one engine to help increase the speed when carrying heavy loads, power up hills etc.
  • Build on slopes and coasts - It's possible to build on the slopes of the coastline or hills; the relevant tile is filled to a flat height for a certain cost.
  • Goto depot order - Allows insertion of an order instructing a vehicle to return to the depot.
  • Longer bridges - Bridges can span greater distances... at a price.
  • Higher bridges - Bridges can span over greater heights enabling more complex networks.
  • Three new bridges - To enable greater use of the higher speed trains.
  • Presignals (CTRL-click on existing signals) - As TTDPatch - special signals to aid building complex track layouts (usually used when there are many platforms connected to a single train line).
  • Semaphores (CTRL-D to place them) - As TTDPatch.
  • Order sharing and copying ("goto" on other vehicle to copy, ctrl+"goto" to share) - Vehicles can now share orders with order changes propagating to all vehicles, and orders can just be copied by clicking on any other vehicle to save time.
  • TTDpatch-compatible Non-stop handling - Exactly as it says on the tin.
  • Crossing tunnels - Tunnels may now cross over each other underground.
  • Build many trees on one tile.
  • Bribe the town authority - If your townsmen hate you, you can bribe the local authority to help you but it's expensive and runs the risk of you being caught.
  • Much improved networking and internet play by TCP/IP, including server lists, kick/ban, dedicated server, cheat protection and chat.
  • AI framework allowing for new, user made AIs. The old (cheating) AI was removed.
  • Several new types of airport (metropolitan in 1980, international in 1990 and intercontinental in 2002).
  • Drive-through Road Stops - New kind of station for road vehicles. Much like a traditional real-life "bus stop", these new stations allow road vehicles to load/unload passengers and cargo simply by stopping by the side of the road.
  • Tramways - New kind of road vehicles (like bus) and require special tracks, stops and depots for them.

Better usability

  • Convert rail tool (to rail, monorail, maglev) - To enable you to easily switch your tracks to the latest technology.
  • Build stations with drag & drop - Rather than guess at the size or count the tiles, just drag and drop the station over the desired area and it is built for you.
  • Build while paused - An optional patch that allows building while the game is paused.
  • Mouse wheel can be used to scroll in menus and to zoom in/out.
  • Autoscroll (to left/right) - when you reach the edge of the screen, it moves across.
  • Bigger demolish tool.
  • Plant trees on area.
  • Sell whole train by dragging to dynamite trashcan - Sells the whole train instead of just a single carriage.
  • Cost estimation with Shift - Holding Shift on almost any action will show you how much it will cost you before you do it.
  • Road and rail removing by dragging.
  • Company HQ can now be moved somewhere else (cost 1% of company value).
  • Autosave at a regular interval.
  • Autorenew/replace vehicles that are nearing their end of life.
  • It's now possible to remove a platform from a station by clicking on the station tool and then on the remove tool, then on the platform you want to remove.
  • All TTDLX save games are supported (.SS1, .SV1, .SV2, .SV0, .SS0).
  • High score table
  • New pathfinding algorithm for trains.
  • Autoslope.

New options

  • "No train service" option.
  • Disable inflation option.
  • Full load any option, as in TTDPatch - Your train will leave the station if ANY of its cargos are full.
  • "Select goods" option.
  • "Multiple similar industries in close proximity" option.
  • "Multiple industries per town" option.
  • News item for "train is unprofitable".
  • News item for "train is lost".
  • Ability to set the starting date, takes a value on the form yyyy, yyyymm or yyyymmdd.
  • Select what vehicle types the AI will build.
  • Ability to choose snowline height.
  • Change default servicing interval for vehicles.
  • Change maximum number of vehicles per player.
  • Option for percent-based service intervals. Send a vehicle to depot after it has lost X% of its reliability

Graphical/interface features

  • Screenshots can be BMP, PNG or PCX (select in game options menu).
  • More currencies (including Euro introduction in 2002 and your own custom currencies).
  • More townname languages.
  • Windowed mode or fullscreen including resolution selection.
  • Sticky windows (don't close unless you close them yourself) and snappy windows (windows align themselves against each other when dragged).
  • Resizeable windows.
  • Refresh rate configuration setting.
  • Town directory sorting.
  • Advanced Settings configuration window.
  • Use Ctrl-click to repay full loan or take out full loan.
  • Color newspaper after a certain date.
  • Game speed increase (through fast forward button or by pressing Tab).
  • Plant a random tree type.
  • Hotkeys for almost every action.
  • Translations into a multitude of languages, selectable in-game at any point.
  • Loading new graphics sets.
  • Bring up an extra viewport showing any part of the map.
  • Color-coded vehicle profits.
  • Invalid orders in a vehicle's schedule are highlighted in red and generate a warning.

For details of every change, see OpenTTD_Release_History

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