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This document explains how to add variables to the console.

the first step

the first thing you ll need if you want to do anything within the console is

include "console.h"

this gives you the ability to access all IConsole functions and structures you will have to use if you are intending to add Commands/Functions/Variables to the Console.

adding a c++ variable

to add an c++ variable to the console variable list you only need to put this somewhere in your sourcecode where it is executed during the openttd initialization process:

IConsoleVarRegister("myvar",(void *) &my_static_var,ICONSOLE_VAR_BYTE);

ICONSOLE_VAR_BYTE can be replaced with another variable type according to your c++ variable definition.

adding a virtual c++ variable

this is as easy as the procedure for adding an c++ variable.

_iconsole_var * var;
var = IConsoleVarAlloc(ICONSOLE_VAR_BOOLEAN);
var = IConsoleVarAlloc(ICONSOLE_VAR_INT16);

this adds two virtual variables.. virtual variables arent mapped to an c++ variable so they were only accessable over the console or from within c++ over

_iconsole_var * IConsoleVarGet(byte * name);

this allows the usage of instance based strings in c++. for a description of instance based strings read Using Console Scripting

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