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1.9.x Releases

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OpenTTD 1.9.1 (2019-04-08)

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This version was released on 2006-01-31.

You can download this release from


Major new features

  • Vehicle cloning
  • Bugfixes


0.4.5 (2006-01-31)

  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement varaction2 property 0x41 and 0xDA (r2361)
  • Feature: Giving server_ip a value of 'all' will make the server listen on any interface (r2374)
  • Feature: Shortcut CTRL + U that clears the current input-box (r2385)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement the mechanism for handling NewGRF callbacks (r2389)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement the 'refit capacity' callback (r2389)
  • Feature: Saving games happen in a seperate thread (r2391)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement powered wagons, and the callback that goes with it (r2414)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement shorter train vehicles (r2428)
  • Feature: New display option: 'transparent station signs' (r2438)
  • Feature: You can now give transfer order to set up feeder systems (r2441)
  • Feature: Removing tracks with the 'remove' tool, automatically removes signals on the tracks (r2469)
  • Feature: [Localisation] Allow changing the order of parameters in translated strings (r2573)
  • Feature: [Localisation] New way to specify plural forms (r2592)
  • Feature: [Localisation] Support genders (r2594)
  • Feature: [Localisation] Support cases (r2597)
  • Feature: Add support for truncating strings to a given (pixel) length (r2607)
  • Feature: Overhaul DirectMusic MIDI backend, remove 'experimental' status (r2712)
  • Feature: Change the driver probing algorithm: Use the first music/sound/video which succeeds initialising instead of bailing out after the first. No need to specify -snull if no soundcard is present anymore (r2728)
  • Feature: The Main Toolbar Dropdown Menu can now display disabled items (r2734)
  • Feature: Clone vehicles (r2764)
  • Feature: When starting without a config file determine the language on basis of the current locale (r2777)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for 'extended bytes' (r2872)
  • Feature: [Localisation] Major step twoards ISO-8859-15: Implement missing characters (r2879)
  • Feature: Implement the console command rm to remove savegames (r2941)
  • Feature: Danish town names (r2957)
  • Feature: Menu option to toggle console (r2958)
  • Feature: Calculate proportions of non-square giant screenshot correctly (r2963)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Implement current set of action D (ParamSet) operations (r2968)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Show a wagon's speed limit in purchase list (r2969)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support loading VarAction2 parameter for variables 0x60-0x7F (r2971)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Add patch option for wagon speed limits (r2982)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support loading of bridge attributes and tables from GRF (r3004)
  • Feature: Native Support for Win64 (r3008)
  • Feature: OSX now uses quicktime to play midi files (r3022)
  • Feature: [OSX] Command+Q now works in main menu (r3027)
  • Feature: Allow unbanning players based on banlist-id (as well as IP) (r3067)
  • Feature: 'status' and 'clients' now show the IP of the players (r3067)
  • Feature: Make it possible to create a screenshot from the console that is both big and has no console, or any combination of (r3068)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for rail vehicle weight greater than 255 tons (r3071)
  • Feature: 'HOME' icon to saveload dialogs that jumps to the default save/load directory based on the dialog (r3096)
  • Feature: Turkish translation (r3120)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support positioning of rail vehicle visual effects (r3132)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Support for articulated rail vehicles (r3139)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for cargo refitting specification by cargo classes (r3148)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Action 7/9 new value : is it TTDPatch or OpenTTD? (r3152)
  • Feature: Drag and drop rocky areas in scenario editor (r3153)
  • Feature: Added patch option to link the terraform toolbar to the rail, road, water and airport toolbars (r3157)
  • Feature: Right-Click-Scrolling optionally moves in the opposite direction (r3222)
  • Feature: Native cocoa sound and video drivers for OSX (r3281)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Allow train running cost class to differ from engine class (r3388)
  • Feature: Kick and ban now with IP numbers (r3407)
  • Feature: Allow seeing and setting the maximum amount of companies and spectators for a server. This can be changed/viewed during runtime as well in the console (r3427)
  • Feature: Allow the network game list to be sorted (by name/clients/compatibility ascending/descending) (r3441)
  • Feature: Make it possible to ban offline clients (r3469)
  • Fix: The refit window now shows the correct refit options (r2365)
  • Fix: Refitting to a cargo which is already carried by some vehicles takes their capacities into account for display (r2365)
  • Fix: Add 'multihead' TTDPatch option to OpenTTD NewGRF flags-emulation (r2368)
  • Fix: Make install tried to install scenarios in the (non-existing) personal dir when USE_HOMEDIR is specified (r2371)
  • Fix: [Console] Update the example scripts in the scripts/ directory to reflect the new console functionality (r2372)
  • Fix: [Console] Any line starting with a '#' is a comment so ignore it (r2372)
  • Fix: [Console] The special variables whose value can only be set by a custom process should, also print out their newly set value there (r2372)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Ignore action 0 prop 0x20 (air drag) (r2377)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Further property stubs, help prevents subsequent incorrect reading of NewGRF data (r2378)
  • Fix: Build year for mail compartment of planes was not set correctly, affected station ratings (r2380)
  • Fix: Endgame window on easy difficulty resulted in infinite loop (r2381)
  • Fix: Check the airport type when building an airport (r2382)
  • Fix: Monkey-testing turned up some command crashes (r2383)
  • Fix: Check selling land and setting player colour. Also an extra map-bounds check for terraforming (r2384)
  • Fix: [Realistic acceleration] Very slow trains no longer get an increase in maximum speed when part of them is in a depot (r2388)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Load power for dual-headed engines correctly (r2400)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] When resolving callbacks, dont ignore wagon overrides (r2410)
  • Fix: Station ratings are not affected by speed limits from realistic acceleration anymore (r2411)
  • Fix: Building vehicles without depot crashed the game (r2412)
  • Fix: Certain resolutions caused a crash when minimap was partly dragged outside the game window (r2424)
  • Fix: Deleting canals under bridges removed bridges first in certain configurations (r2436)
  • Fix: [NPF] Vehicles try to drive into a tunnel entrance from above (r2471)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Some road vehicle action 0 properties were loaded as the wrong type (int8, int16, int32) causing undefined results, like cargo types being wrong (r2474)
  • Fix: The console variable autoclean_unprotected was linked to the variable _network_autoclean_protected (r2498)
  • Fix: Old bug in the PCX writer: The first pixel column contained garbage, the picture was shifted one to the right, and the last column was dropped (r2512)
  • Fix: Using the mouse wheel could lead to a crash if mouse was not over a widget (r2530)
  • Fix: Blinking 'lock' gfx in multiplayer games (r2548)
  • Fix: Remove original train pathfinder. Enhanced old pathfinder (r2553)
  • Fix: Spaces in the path to the MIDI files caused the Windows MIDI player to fail (r2563)
  • Fix: Set server map name to the loaded name of the game/scenario (r2610)
  • Fix: Improve the old pathfinder. Changed it to A* instead of Dijkstra. Benchmark shows that NTP is now around 10x faster than NPF (r2635)
  • Fix: Correctly save and load company_value, it's 64 bits wide, not 32 bits (r2684)
  • Fix: Volume control works now for the DirectMusic MIDI backend (r2712)
  • Fix: Change the fence algorithm so it removes fences when no farm tile is adjacent (r2739)
  • Fix: Tree tiles above the snow line got redrawn disproportionately often (r2750)
  • Fix: Depots could build trains of the wrong track type (r2764)
  • Fix: Sort the directories in the scenarion/savegame list (r2860)
  • Fix: On OS/2 show the trailing \ if the current directory is a root directory (r2860)
  • Fix: Return a proper version number, when testing the TTDPatch version in the SkipIf action (r2862)
  • Fix: Change the way NewGRFs are loaded, this saves quite some sprite slots - about 2000 for DBSetXL for example (r2868)
  • Fix: Several format string vulnerabilities and buffer overflows in the network code [CVE-2005-2764, CVE-2005-2763] (r2899)
  • Fix: Fixed issue where autorenewed vehicles did not get all stats updated (r2912)
  • Fix: Exit the child of the extmidi backend with _exit() instead of exit(), because we do not want any atexit handlers - especially flushing output streams - to run, if exec() fails (r2938)
  • Fix: Server crash with 'say'-command (r2950)
  • Fix: Fix Windows midi volume level control which did not work (r2960)
  • Fix: [OSX] Quitting the game no longer leaves a process behind that eats all the CPU power (r3281)
  • Fix: Fix for UFO-broken waypoint [SF#1216203] (r2961)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Include missing grf feature canal
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Add bounds checking to VehicleChangeInfo for vehicles
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Wagon speed limits do not apply for wagons with livery overrides
  • Fix: Align settings pool items to the size of void* to fix bus errors on 64bit architectures which require aligned variables (r2976)
  • Fix: Restart_game_date is an UINT16, not a BYTE. Now setting the game restart year via the console should work (r2987)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Some GRF files do not specify a name or description, in which case the Action 8 is 8 bytes, not 9 (r3005)
  • Fix: The finnish markka was never abbreviated with capital letters (r3021)
  • Fix: Improve handling of non-existent sprite sets (r3044)
  • Fix: Do not attempt to map and empty sprite group to a vehicle (r3045)
  • Fix: Fixed typo and hang for BeOS Networking (r3053)
  • Fix: On Win98 and lower when you go to the root directory of a drive (eg. C:\) you were stuck there indefinitely and could not change any directories or see any files (r3056)
  • Fix: Complete rewrite of autoreplace; multiheaded train engines are replaced correctly (r3081)
  • Fix: A new train is now made if the front unit is an engine and the former front engine is moved away (r3144)
  • Fix: There are only 2 possible directions for ship depots, not 4 (r3199)
  • Fix: Allow bribing up to the maximum rating for bribing, do not disable this option at some arbitrary value early (r3201)
  • Fix: Do not lower land on tunnel, even with diag tracks on it (r3228)
  • Fix: Crash when making a screenshotin the main menu (r3235)
  • Fix: Crash when starting a scenarion via 'New Game' fails (r3235)
  • Fix: Determine clicked status of sticky icon from window flags rather than the widget click state (r3247)
  • Fix: Graphical glitch with autorail tool on a certain tile-types (r3254)
  • Fix: Center the X of the window close button (r3302)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Unload engine names before loading grf files (r3316)
  • Fix: Network window crash when it receives invalid information for example from the integrated nightly, so validate the network-input when it is received (r3322)
  • Fix: Build failed if SDL is built without pthread support (r3326)
  • Fix: Move initialization of vehicle random_bits to DC_EXEC blocks to allow use of Random() instead of InteractiveRandom(), which will alleviate some possib le network desyncs (r3352)
  • Fix: The default AI tried to change the service intervals of vehicles via the CMD_CHANGE_TRAIN_SERVICE_INT command - regardless of the type of the vehicle (r3367)
  • Fix: Out-of-bounds array access when road vehicles overtook in a curve caused desyncs (r3371)
  • Fix: Update signal states when building or removing rail station blocks (r3372)
  • Fix: Do not allow trains to get bigger than 100 via drag and drop (r3374)
  • Fix: Do not reset date in the scenario editor when pressing RandomLand (r3376)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Running cost should be halved for dual head vehicles (r3384)
  • Fix: No fence was placed when placing fences and the neighbouring tile is a rail configuration which permits a fence but has a signal (r3389)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Ignore non-climate dependent cargo types (r3394)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Only add a random number of days to an engine's base introduction date if that date is not 0 (r3410)
  • Fix: When changing the server password via the console, actually set the password as well as flag whether it is required (r3411)
  • Fix: Under certain conditions placing a road tile parallel under a bridge would, instead of failing, succeed and place a perpendicular piece (r3413)
  • Fix: Disable the Fund New Industry menu item and window when connected to a server as a spectator (r3414)
  • Fix: Disable the clone and refit buttons in the train view when viewing another player's vehicles, or as a spectator (r3415)
  • Fix: Disallow building an oil rig above sea level (r3416)
  • Fix: When removing a town-owned tunnel the player's rating was not reduced (r3418)
  • Fix: (Possible) game crash on removing track/road under bridge if a vehicle was on the track/road under the bridge and the track/road sloped (r3419)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Only power should decide whether a rail vehicle is an engine or a wagon (r3424)
  • Fix: Incorrect validating of tree-planting command which can allow a buffer-overflow (r3446)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] When changing the sprite ID of a vehicle, if it is not FD (custom graphics), the value needs to changed from a 16bit array offset to an array index (r3449)
  • Fix: You could not remove an item from a list-type of config ingame from the configuration file (r3475)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Always reinitialize the TTDPatch flags as patch settings may have changed (r3486)
  • Fix: Price for demolishing a bridge was dependent on orientation and map size (r3487)
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