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I've ripped this information off of the website's front page and bits and bobs out of the release changelogs up to 0.3.4 - It really needs a bit of recategorisation and anything I've missed (probably quite a bit that went into SVN but didn't get into the changelogs).

Also, there's quite a bit of linking to be done to the relevant wiki pages.


The changelog does not miss anything, I'm pretty sure. The version on the website was based on the changes up to 0.3.2, I believe. I'm not sure anymore though. I wrote it and it used to be based on all changes up to the (at that point) current release.

- Dominik

Good to hear that we've got pretty much everything on the list. List is also now current to 0.3.5.


List is now current to features slated for 0.3.6.


Crossing tunnels?

Crossing tunnels is a cheat now instead of a feature--should it really be listed here? Mackensen (talk) 13:30, 11 August 2008 (CEST)

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