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Ta strona zawiera opuszczone budynki 32bpp i inne duszki. Nie są używane w grze, ale mogą służyć jako źródło inspiracji.

Budynki miejskie

Nazwa Autor Obrazek Comentarze
1×1 country house StefSybo StefSybo - 001.PNG Abandoned (I have sent him a PM and It was not read)
1×1 temperate flats dmh_mac Dmh mac - 002.PNG Good, but It doesn't have construction stages.
1×1 cinema Off the Rails Cinema32.png Latest model here.
1×1 tall Processor(POL) 1x1tall.jpg
1×1 Park Aracirion 1x1park1.png Useful as a new house.
1×1 church Aracirion Aracirion - 001.PNG Abandoned. Useful as a new house.
1x1 Flats Aracirion Red Flats E.png
1x1 shops Aracirion 1x1 shop L.png
1x1 warehouse Aracirion Aracirion - 002.PNG
1x1 tall flats Aracirion Office block 1b.png
1×1 office block Blenderist Blenderist 1x1tall flats.png
2x2 Football Stadium TagDaze Tag-stadium.jpg
1x1 shops BerberJesus 1 2 0003b.png
1x1 theater Ben Robbins 1
1x1 Shops and offices Czestmyr Czestmyr - 001.PNG
1x1 house and pool Ben_Robbins_ House and pool .PNG
1x1 Shops and offices Gramble Shopsandoffices Upload.PNG
1x1 2 compact cottages Ben Robbins Bungaloes.png
HQ Director DirtY iCE HQ full.png

Budynki przemysłowe

Name Author Picture Comments
Coal Mine Slye_Fox CoalMine.PNG Coal mine was released in .max file format.
Oil Rig Wacki Oil rig.png
Bank (temperate) Heathen Bank091007-3.png link to the latest model
Papermill Berberjesus PaperMill.png Awesome, but It doesn't file in the original sprite layout, but It can be released as new industry.

Stare drzewa

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Small Acersaccharum1-smallspring.png Acersaccharum1-smallsummer.png Acersaccharum1-smallautumn.png Acersaccharum1-smallwinter.png
Medium Acersaccharum1-mediumspring.png Acersaccharum1-mediumsummer.png Acersaccharum1-mediumautumn.png Acersaccharum1-mediumwinter.png
Full Grown Acersaccharum1-largespringblossm.png Acersaccharum1-largesummer.png Acersaccharum1-largeautumn.png Acersaccharum1-largewintersnow.png
Dead Acersaccharum1-smallwinter.png Acersaccharum1-largewinter.png
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