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Construction Site

Name Author Picture File Comments
Digger Ben_Robbins_ Ben Robbins Jcb 182.jpg N/A WIP
Crane Ben_Robbins Ben Robbins Crane 164.jpg N/A WIP
Cement truck


lowman Lowman Truck 29 06 165.png N/A DONE


Gorre Gorre crane a.png N/A DONE


Name Author Picture File Comments
Cars dmh_mac Dmh mac 11-cars-a 112.png Download WIP

Town Stuff

Name Author Picture File Comments
BT red phonebox Off the Rails OtR Phonebox.png N/A WIP
Power line Processor(PL) Power line.jpg WIP

Industrial Buildings

Name Author Picture File Comments
Oil tank LordAzamath Oil tank.png Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:31 am

( link )
It can be useful for new stations.


Forest dmh_mac ForestTile.png 2005.05.23 (posted), 2007.11.05 (uploaded)

( in the forum )


Farm Ben_Robbins_ FarmNG.jpg 13.01.06 WIP

Factory Processor(POL) Factory.jpg 21.06.06 WIP

Oil Wells Meush Oilwell mix 216.png 02/10/2005 WIP

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