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In-depth Instructions

Refitting allows you to change the type of cargo that can be carried by certain vehicles. These vehicles include some train engines, cargo ships, and planes.

How to refit a vehicle

Before you refit one must first buy a refittable vehicle:

A ship of goods refittable to carry other cargo.

To refit your vehicle, it must first be stopped inside a depot.

  1. In the vehicle window, click on the third button down (a pair of boxes).
  2. A screen will pop-up, showing the refit options for that vehicle.
  3. Click on the desired new type of cargo to carry.
  4. In the bottom of the screen the costs and the amount of cargo is specified.
  5. Click on the refit vehicle button to refit.
  6. The cost of the refit is deducted, and your vehicle is ready to move its new cargo type.
Example of refitting your ship to carry other cargo.

Refit with goto depot orders

You can also have a vehicle refitted with a goto depot order, with the "Refit" instruction. This way you can have a vehicles traveling first with coal, and on his way back to the coal mine with iron ore for example. Note that you need to pay the refit costs every time the vehicle is refitted, so the refit order is only useful for vehicles traveling long distances.

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