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The Old style Road construction window applies to the Original TT, Original TTD, TTDPatch, and OpenTTD Prior to 0.3.4 . For the new window, see Road Construction.

Constructing Roads

You can start constructing by pressing the road build button Manual html ma6d6c8c.png on the menu bar. Once clicked the Road Construction window pops up (Fig 1).

Fig 1. - The Original Road Build Window

What do all these buttons do?

The buttons are self-explanatory. From left to right:

  • Build road.png Build road buttons: Builds a road in the selected direction, you can click and drag for all roads.
  • Clear title.png Clear land button
  • Lower land.png Lower land button
  • Raise land.png Raise land button
  • Build roaddepot.png Build depot button: Opens the depot build window for you to select a depot direction to build.
  • Build busstation.png Build bus stop button: Opens the bus stop build window for you to select a bus stop direction to build.
  • Build truckstation.png Build truck stop button: Opens the truck stop build window for you to select a truck stop direction to build.
  • Build roadbridge.png Build bridge button
  • Build roadtunnel.png Build tunnel button
  • Toggle clear active.png Toggle clear button: When you select another tool and this you can remove that item.
  • Buy land.png Buy land Button
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