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Fractal Landscape
Fractal Landscape ss1.png
Fractal Landscape ss2.png
This 512x512 temperate scenario models the Mandelbrot set as a sea surrounded by cliffs and capes, with an island in the form of a Julia set.

Most towns (named after some mathematicians associated with fractals) line the coast, while industries are found in the surrounding forests, except for oil which abounds in the Mandlebrot Sea.

The scenario is rather easy, except for building the gorge and twin Sierpinski-carpet towns!

For more information about the Mandelbrot Set, see

Difficulty: Easy
Setting: Temperate
Size: 512x512
Relief: Mixed
Quantity of Towns: Normal
Quantity of Industries: Normal
Based on Real World: No
OpenTTD version: 0.5.3
Author: CMG Lee
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