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New Zealand_South Island_Alpine
New Z SIsland.png
Westcoast and Canterbury.png
The South Island with Arctic/Alpine climate. This uses George's ECS Wood vector to situate forests on broken terrain. Hopefully a challenge, provided you dont bulldoze the Southern Alps flat. Some valuable resources on the West coast, with all the industry on the East. There are only two power stations and one oil refinery. The towns are situated as close as I can get them, the industries roughly and intended to make a good game. You need to load the ECS wood vector from On the scenario map you can clearly see the Alpine fault line Another big earthquake is due any time soon.
Difficulty: [Hardl
Setting: Arctic
Size: 1024x1024
Relief: Mixed
Quantity of Towns: Low
Quantity of Industries: Normal
Based on Real World: Yes
OpenTTD version: 0.6.1-RC1
Author: Sootynz
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