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This page is for quick maintenance access to all pages in the Scenario namespace. It contains a table with all scenarios, which is sorted by author and name of the scenario. It could/should be also used by the Team as todo list with short notes what have to be done on individual scenarios.


Name Setting Size Remarks / Todos
Scenarios by CARST
CarstsEuropeScenario Temperate 2048x2048
Scenarios by Deep blue
Desert Tracking Sub-Tropical 256x512
Scenarios by Viole Falushe
Tropical River Sub-Tropical 1024x128
Scenarios by George
Dale of Scandy Sub-Arctic 256x256
Super Britania Temperate 256x256
Scenarios by James Kirk (Carskick)
Florida v0.1 Temperate 512x512
Scenarios by Knartz
Iceland Sub-Arctic 512x512
Scenarios by Lukeno1
Arctic Industrial 2007 Sub-Arctic 256x256
Scenarios by Luukland
Jamaica Sub-Tropical 256x256
North-West Europe Temperate 512x512
Scenarios by S. Morris (Jungle)
Echo Sub-Tropical 256x256
Scenarios by Ominus
A Mars Odyssey v0.5 Special (Mars) 256x256
Chatham Islands v0.5 Sub-Tropical 1024x1024
Land of Floods v0.5 Temperate 256x256
Scenarios by Purno
Toy Train Toyland 256x256
Scenarios by Kristian Rasmussen
Denmark Temperate 1024x1024
Scenarios by JonScaife
United Kingdom v1.0 Temperate 2048x2048
Scenarios by Sleepie
(Don't) Hurt Your Eyes ;-) Toyland 256x256
Climb up the Mountains Sub-Arctic 256x256
Lakes Temperate 256x256
Snowy Highlands v0.5 Sub-Arctic 2048x2048 Add NewGRF recommendations
Water and Mountains v1.0 Temperate 512x512 Add NewGRF recommendations
Scenarios by thebrightside
Alexander to Karthoum Sub-Tropical 512x2048
Kloof Temperate 512x512
The Isles v1.1 Sub-Tropical 1024x1024
Scenarios by Zimri
Islands Sub-Tropical 128x128
Scenarios by ZxBiohazardZx
Get Your Ships! Temperate 512x128
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