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The system requirements for OpenTTD can be highly variable depending on several factors. These factors include map size, number of vehicles, and number of NewGRFs. Minimum recommend system specifications have been outlined below based on experience. These specifications won't allow for all the bells and whistles, but they will let the game run and be playable to some extent. Using a modern PC will allow for the best game play experience.


All Operating Systems

Any installation of OpenTTD needs a few files in order to run. These files can be obtained from either the DOS or Windows version of the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD). Alternatively a set of open source replacements are available for free (see OpenGFX, OpenSFX and OpenMSX).

Note: the original TTD files are still protected by copyright, however if you wish to use them you can find copies of TTD for sale in bargain bins and on eBay.

Generic hardware specifications include:

  • 10MB free hard disk space (not including the required space for extra files, such as savegames, downloaded extra content and screenshots. 50MB recommended)
  • 8-bit VGA color display (640x480x8) or greater


  • Windows 95/98 (Windows XP or newer recommended)
  • Minimum 233MHz Pentium with MMX equivalent or greater (500MHz+ PIII recommended)
  • 64MB RAM (128MB+ recommended)


  • Minimum 233MHz Pentium with MMX equivalent or greater (366MHz+ PII recommended)
  • 32MB RAM (128MB+ recommended)
  • X11 required
  • SDL required

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X (v10.3.9+)
  • G3 233MHz (G4 500MHz+ recommended)
  • 128MB RAM


There are also versions of OpenTTD for other operating systems. The list can be found here.

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