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Out of Date
This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
Comparison tables are substantially outdated, at least about work-in-progress. This is only really of value as a historical document now.

Here you have a small comparative between OpenTTD and TTDPatch Features

If you are a regular TTDPatch user, you will notice that many similar things are implemented differently in OpenTTD. Not all features are compatible with TTDPatch.


Features shared by TTDPatch and OpenTTD

These features work exactly the same as in TTDPatch. Some of them need to be manually activated, see Advanced Settings.


List is currently incomplete!

Features that are significantly different in OpenTTD


List is currently incomplete

TTDPatch features currently not in OpenTTD


List is currently incomplete!

  • Low memory version
  • Abandoned Roads
  • Signals that will only let selected trains/train types through (Restrictive signalling)
  • Signals that change red/green state depending on various map state (Programmable signalling)
  • Non-straight and junction bridge heads (Custom Bridgeheads)
  • Selection of which disasters may or may not happen
  • Automatic creation of presignal setups
  • Configurable steam plumes for steam engines
  • Independent acceleration model settings for all motive power (unnecessary)
  • ~25 different town growth controls

Features only available in OpenTTD


List is currently incomplete! See [here] for a complete list

  • Larger maps (up to 2048x2048 or even more with patches)
  • Vehicle introduction dates later than 2050
  • co-existence of different vehicle sets and 65000 different vehicles per type (engine pool)
  • max 255 Network clients
  • max 15 companies
  • max 15 network administration connections
  • max 16 different newgrf-definable railtypes
  • convenient in-game download of online content (newgrf, AI, heightmaps, scenarios)
  • newgrf airport tiles and rotatable airports (via newgrfs)
  • translatable newgrf descriptions and newgrf versioning
  • Fast forward
  • Passenger and Cargo Distribution (Cargodist) - passengers and cargo have destinations
  • Automatic vehicle separation from timetables
  • Infrastructure maintenance

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Comparison Chart (Not exhaustive)

Feature OpenTTD TTDPatch Notes
Halftile foundations Done Not done (Also known as anti- zig, zag foundations.)
Multistop for road vehicles Done Not done
Custom Bridgeheads WIP Done was worked on by peter1138 TT Forums topic
Enhanced bridge construction Done WIP
Build track above tunnel entrances Not done Done All Track directions allowed. Automatic track construction for depots also supported.
Working multiplayer Done WIP
Bigger maps Done Not done Possible, but would require tremendous amounts of work in the Patch.
Subsidiaries Not done Done
Extra Viewport Done Not done
Player faces extended Done WIP TT Forums topic
Autorail tool Done Not done
Drag railway in any direction Done Done
Measurement tool Done Not done TT Forums topic
Date-dependent track/road graphics (newroutes) Done WIP
NewHouses Done Done
NewCargo Done Done
NewIndustries Done Done
New airports Done WIP Being worked on as a new GRF feature by Csaboka.
Path Based Signaling Done Done
New pathfinder Done WIP Being worked on by Eis_os
Routing restrictions at signals WIP Done The MiniIN restricts based on maximum speed, with global settings (fast/medium/slow). TTDPatch restricts based on one or more of power, weight, length, next order, maximum speed, and nearby signal status; combined with any combination of or, and, and xor; with per-signal settings.
Programmable Signals WIP Done Allows the User to restrict the passage of Trains based on the state of other signals, station platforms, etc. For example, if a Mainline signal is red, the branch line signal can be set to automatically go red and therefore allows Priority to be given to certain tracks. See TTDP Wiki
Yellow signal state WIP WIP
New signals Not Done Done
New objects (eyecandy) Done Done
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