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  • I am not sure how much discussion is going on this topic (last post 2006)
"please join the discussion in the "new lighting for buildings" thread on tt-forums."
  • Aracirion a Lightwave template - is missing.
  • i have updated few links, added few guides and rearranged the bottom section.
  • This is the main '32bit Graphics Development' page, more resources needed to help ppl ease in.
--mor 14:58, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Alltaken, the 'Amb' value affects the intensity of the ambient occlusion lighting for that material. The warning section is needed therefore, so that the materials reflect the same proportion of the sunlight and ambient light sources. I didn't write that warning though. Leggy 19:09, 19 July 2007 (CEST)

suggestions/things to add/general rumble (if added can be freely removed)

a sketch/layout and tips/info on this page topic, feel free to fill up the gaps in the page (i lack sufficient technical knowledge)

Visual Style:
key visual aspects that define the style:

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c

Style Attributes/preference:

  • Camera position, Lighting and More
  • Sizes
  • Materials

Standards, support, Naming Specification etc:
results in better computability for the end user.

Suggested Workflow / Tips/FAQ:

  • Minimize render time
  • Aligning tips
  • Shading
  • Creating new Tracks and Bridges
  • Creating Vehicles
some tips i found
  • etc..

Guides: How to model a window

The Secret to Creating Realistic Grass How to Create Stunning Trees

some video tutorials some video tutorials

some revaluation regarding importing sketch up models to blender might be found in this thread

Further reading:
Wikipedia on Hue and chroma.


Technical Data

general stuff not necessary for this page.

OpenGFX Files/Sprites

Tar Files

TAR Files documentation is missing, how to add Symlinks.

Creating Symbolism links (symlinks) to provide support for ttd Original graphics/Dos:

The files section lists the files that replace sprites. The file names are case sensitive.

Opengfx file Original file Description
ogfx1_base TRG1.GRF GRF file with the base sprites
ogfxi_logos TRGI.GRF GRF file with logos, original terrain generator sprites
ogfxc_artic TRGC.GRF GRF file with extra arctic sprites
ogfxh_tropical TRGH.GRF GRF file with extra tropical sprites
ogfxt_toyland TRGT.GRF GRF file with extra toyland sprites
ogfxt_extra OPENTTDD.GRF extra i guess

  • NewGRF file using Actions 5, 7, 9 and A to replace sprites
  • Must use a GRF ID starting with FF so it cannot be selected from the in-game NewGRF list and (thus) be loaded twice.



to extract grfcodec.exe -d


Hi, i removed the text about 'being able to use the textures' see: [2]

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