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~/data/ directory doesn't exisit

page purpose

considering that this page and 32bpp fullzoom base graphics set hosts that information and we dont want ppl misdirected so what should we do about it? --mor 21:58, 23 January 2010 (UTC)

Problems with a link

In this section of the page, I had to use an external link so that I could link to Category:Compiling OpenTTD. This is because if I used "[[Category:Compiling OpenTTD]]", it would have put the page under that category, instead of linking to the page I would have liked it to. --Petert 20:31, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

Fixed by linking to 'Compiling' - Hirundo


Name Graphics by Coded by Notes Format
New faces Ben_Robbins_ Ben_Robbins_ [1] TAR
Desert tiles Wacki Wacki [2] TAR
Landscape for temperate Ben_Robbins_ Ben_Robbins_ [3] unpack them to /data/sprites/trg1r RAR with PNG files
Tropical bank LordAzamath Soeb (offset tweaked by LordAzamath) [4] TAR
Wagons, train and rails and part of station Slye Fox and Ben_Robbins_ Ben_Robbins_ [5] TAR
Selectors Ben_Robbins_ Soeb [6] TAR
3 trees Ben_Robbins_ Soeb [7] TAR
Roads (with tunnels) Ben_Robbins_ [8] TAR
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