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how to use MinGW and Eclipse for OTTD development in win32 (2008-09-06)

This should give you a rough idea how to

use win32 eclipse IDE +debugger (no sound or music), compile complete release using mingw/msys

for ottd development

first, get msys, see Compiling on MinGW

  • set eclipse workspace somewhere in the msys home dir
  • download ottd from svn svn:// using eclipse "svn repository exploring perspective" and creating new c/c++ project
  • in msys:
eclipse: refresh
eclipse project settings / c&c++ build settings:
mingw c++ linker flags: -mwindows
gcc c++ compiler flag:
remove -Wall
c/c++ general / paths and symbols / includes / C++
add objs/lang
source path:
^ quit eclipse and edit .cproject
try to build
try to launch
ottd arguments -s null -m null
debug: download mingw gdb into msys, give path in eclipse project
try to debug
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