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To the person who added the "How to 'build a bus'?" category header without any content: If this is a request for more content, then you should probably make it here in the discussion instead of on the article page itself.

--Hazelrah 16:01, 29 May 2005 (CEST)

How about an "I've never played TTD at all before, ever. What should I do first?" section.

All this time I play the game, I wonder what does RELIABILITY rating really mean. For the longest time, I thought that for Airplanes, it expresses how prone to crashing they are, but today I learnt that the chance of crashing is always the same (0.7 percent on landing). So, could someone please add a section "Vehicle statistics and what do they tell you", explaining what does Reliability really mean game-wise and what can a player do about it? Such as: Will it help if I shorten servicing intervals? Will it worsen if I prolong them?

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