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Is joining another company through command line possible any more? I don't think so and I think there are many more command line options now. -- Dominik

Suggestion for parts of this FAQ: Average bandwidth per player, useful for those running servers on hardware hosted in high-cost-for-bandwidth countries, those setting up games on their ADSL connections, those trying to connect over modem etc. Include some numbers, e.g. kb/s over the average game, Gb/month for a 24/7 server running ten players at all times etc.

Suggestion: Stress that OTTD doesn't do UPnP (where an app talks to your router and sorts out port forwarding automatically) and you MUST forward the ports manually. Took me a good while to figure that one out [Could OTTD become UPnP compatible one day? I don't really know how it works?]

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