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This goes mainly to ledow: Please format all the patch descriptions you recently added correctly. We have a unified format for patch descriptions, Mammoth trains is a good example how it should look like. Also in the OpenTTD:Manual of Style it is described how patch descriptions should look like. -- Dominik

Have done. Also, with respect to Higher Bridges, could someone else complete the description because I rarely use them. Are they allowed to cross at different heights etc.? -- Ledow

Patch Settings

This patch is enabled by default. When enabled, building a bridge as normal but over a high gap will allow you to build the bridge and show its extended struts which will reach to the floor. You can NOT? /FIXME PLEASE/ enable this patch through the configure patches -> construction /FIX THE LINK - THIS PATCH PROBABLY DOESN'T EXIST IN CONFIGURE PATCHES WINDOW/ window or use the following syntax in openttd.cfg:

bridge_pillars = false

Note: I couldn't find it anywhere in the patch settings. Code says syntax above is just for drawing pillar images. If this patch no longer exists for user to change, .cfg file should be changed and this page may be deleted.

--MeusH 20:59, 21 Nov 2005 (CET)

As MeusH has pointed out, this document is severly out of date or just incorrect. There is no option in the configure patches, and the bridge_pillars in the config file (enabled by default) when made false simply doesn't display pillars of bridges at all. It looks like you cannot disable this patch. Does that make it a new feature instead?
--Hazelrah 06:52, 19 July 2006 (CEST)
Had some free time, so I did some research into the code and the behavior of 0.4.7. I think I've got it all worked out now. I wanted to see when it went into the trunk but it appears that it was put in before went up.
--Hazelrah 08:30, 19 July 2006 (CEST)
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