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This page is really in two minds about things, isn't it? On the one hand it gives you tips on what to look for when you're dealing with cheating players, but on the other hand it gives tips on HOW to cheat. For example the "Building lots of train stations" part.

It sounds useful if ONE person rewrites this in one way, so that it doesn't become a guide to cheating.

the tunnel bug/cheat, and how to spot

A suggestion to anyone wanting to update this section: Mention the tunnel bug. If you find a straight line through most of the map (usually at water level), you can build a tunnel through the map whitout any money, and you'll get some 100 millions. For multiplayer games, if someone suddenly have a lot more money then they should, this could be the reason (or it could be the stock scheme if it's enabled). How to spot: If the cheater doesn't delete the tunnel afterwards it's pretty quick to spot if you follow the waterline around half the map (takes about 30sec-2min depending on map size). This however only works if you have less money then the tunnel costs, or else you will pay for it.

  • The bug you're mentioning was extinguished long long long time ago in OpenTTD. It does not work. Try it and you'll see it. --Roujin 11:46, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
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