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I remember there being other kinds of ship, including a passenger liner and a bulk gas carrier. Each were higher capacity, and faster.

I assume that I acquired the extra ships when I was patching my original copy of TT deluxe to make it work with Windows XP.

Open TTD runs out of competitive ships before the end of the 20th century... any chance we could get the extra ships back in?

The OpenTTD devs won't include any new industries, vehicles or such into the game by the means of hardcoding it - however it is possible to add such things to the game using the NewGRF system. For ships there is at the moment only one serious newgrf (Michael Bluncks NewShips) afaik, but there's also some new set in development in the Forums [1]. --Roujin 13:12, 29 November 2008 (UTC)
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