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Widening the tutorial scope

I think the tutorial should become larger, covering more topics, such as

  1. selecting a good place to put down a line (ie how to use the world view)
    • starting: just selecting a nice place for making initial money
    • planning ahead: find groups of related industries close together)
    • advanced planning: (whatever that is)
  2. two single platforms and one train (currently at this page)
  3. running more trains on the same line (ie how to use signals)
    • first one the single line with a partly double track so trains can pass
    • multiple platforms at each station (where number of trains less/equal to number of platforms)
    • more trains than platforms (pre-signal stuff)
    • better performance: RORO stations
  4. setting up transport chains (eg ore mine -> factory, then factory -> city)
  5. ...

at the end, the more advanced stuff like juntions, advanced station design etc could be put in

To make this possible, the current page has to become a kind of annotated table of contents, like my list above. A user can jump from this page to any tutorial directly. The current contents can be split (one page for the buses, and one for the simple trains), and linked from the new tutorial main page.

--Alberth 12:37, 12 July 2008 (CEST)

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