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{| class="toccolours" style="float:right; margin-left: 1em;"

|+ style="font-size: large; margin: inherit;"|{{{Fullname}}}

| style="text-align:center; background:none;" |

[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{imagewidth}}}|left]]  Bevezetés éve: {{{Entry}}}
 Kifutók száma: {{{Runways}}}
 Terminálok száma: {{{Ramps}}}
 Helikopterállások száma: {{{Heli}}}
 Méret: {{{size}}}
 Hangárok száma: {{{hangars}}}
 Vonzáskörzet mérete: {{{catchment}}}
 Zajszint: {{{noise}}}



Use this Template to show the basic values of an airport/a heliport.


  • {{{Fullname}}} – Contains the full name of an airport (e.g. "City Airport")
  • {{{image}}} – There is the name of image saved (e.g. Airport_c.PNG)
  • {{{imagewidth}}} – Define the width of the shown image. If it isn't set it uses the width of the image set in {{{image}}}
  • {{{Entry}}} – Sets the year of first appeareance
  • {{{Runways}}} – Contains the number of available runways
  • {{{Ramps}}} – Define the number of parking positions for the planes
  • {{{Heli}}} – Set the number of helipads
  • {{{size}}} – Describes the size of the airport in tiles
  • {{{hangars}}} – Define the number of hangers
  • {{{catchment}}} – Contains the radius of the catchmentarea
  • {{{noise}}} – There is the noiselevel saved
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