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Flag En.png

  • The flags have been chosen (principally) valuing the percentage of translation of display of the game, are all those that have the 100% translated (at date of template creation): translator status
  • If you think you have to add another flag, request here:

Flag Es.png

  • Las banderas se han elegido atendiendo en primer lugar al porcentaje de traducción del display del juego, están todas aquellas que tienen el 100% traducido (a fecha de realización de la plantilla): translator status
  • Si crees que hay que añadir alguna otra bandera, solicítalo aquí:

Requested flags

Requesting flag for Estonian language. The Estonian translation for OpenTTD is 100% complete. I have started to add Estonian content to this Wiki, and will link it once the language has been added.


More flags with 100% (at 22 October 2010):

  • Flag Be.png BE - Belarusian (Беларуская)
  • Flag Pt-Br.png PT-BR - Brazilian (Brezhoneg)
  • Flag Ga.png GA - Irish (Gaeilge) 100%
  • Flag Uk.png UK - Ukrainian (Українська)
  • Flag Ko.png KO - Korean (한국어) 100%

Other Candidates

  • Flag Id.png ID - Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) 99.9%
  • Flag Ar.png AR - Arabic (Egypt) (العربية) 99.9%
  • Flag Is.png IS - Icelandic (Íslenska) 99.7%
  • Flag Et.png ET - Estonian (Eesti) 99.0%
  • Flag Da.png DA - Danish (Dansk) 98.0%
  • Flag Lt.png LT - Lithuanian (Lietuvių) 98.0%
  • Flag He.png HE - Hebrew (עברית) 97.9%
  • Flag Eo.png EO - Esperanto (Esperanto) 97.1%
  • Flag Bg.png BG - Bulgarian (Български) 96.4%
  • Flag Af.png AF - Afrikaans (Afrikaans) 95.6%
  • Flag Gl.png GL - Galician (Galego) 95.5%
  • Flag Ja.png JA - Japanese (日本語) 94.3%

Image error?

Is anyone else getting the error where you can't se the flag image? It seems to work fine on the Template page itself, but doesn't seem to work on any other page. The images are actually still there but are incredibily small (you can see them if you zoom in to multi-thousand percent) I looked at the HTML, and i think it's something to do with mediawiki setting the sizes to (basically) zero. I'm on IE8, if it matters... --LordAro 09:02, 22 June 2011 (UTC)

...solved!! --Luigix 14:26, 22 June 2011 (UTC)
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