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Help for town console commands

The patch that enables these commands can be found at


Invoke command on specified town(s).


town <identifier> <command> [<optional command parameters...>]

Command can be:

ad_large Launch large advertising campaign in the town (Aliases: large_ad)
ad_medium Launch medium advertising campaign in the town (Aliases: medium_ad)
ad_small Launch small advertising campaign in the town (Aliases: small_ad)
auth Open town authority window
bribe Bribe town authority
center Center main view on town location (Aliases: centre)
count Count towns matching given criteria. This command will do nothing, but you'll see how many towns are matched by the identifier
delete Delete the town (scenario editor only)
exclusive Buy exclusive rights in town
expand Expand town (scenario editor only) Parameter specifies number of repetitions (default 1)
fund Fund construction of new buildings (Aliases: building)
info Show town info on console. Some basic statistics like population, company ratings for town, etc ... are printed to console for each matched town.
open Open town window (Aliases: show)
print Print town name on console
road Fund road reconstruction in town (Aliases: reconstruction)
statue Build statue in town

Identifier is used to specify on which industry the command will be applied. Identifier can be:

all or * for all towns
statue for towns where you have statue built
no_statue for towns where you do not have statue built
name of town or ID of town for specific town

Operators <, >, <=, >= and <> can be used instead of = for following matches:

any_exclusive=[value] for matching months of remaining exclusive rights for any company
currnoise=[value] for matching currently used noise level
exclusive=[value] for matching company having exclusive rights
fund=[value] for matching months remaining in building funding
houses=[value] for matching number of town houses
maxnoise=[value] for matching maximal noise level
my_exclusive=[value] for matching months of remaining exclusive rights for your company
noise=[value] for matching remaining (usable) noise level
other_exclusive=[value] for matching months of remaining exclusive rights for any competitor company
population=[value] for matching town population
rating=[value] for matching your rating in town
roadworks=[value] for matching months remaining in road reconstructions
unwanted=[value] for matching months you are unwanted in town due to bribe

You can specify multiple match conditions before the command. If you use more than one match condition, you have to separate them by 'and' or '&' parameter. Number of match conditions is not limited.

Some useful examples

town noise>=25 print List towns where I can build intercontinental airport
town population>3000 and rating>600 print List towns over 3000 people where you have good rating
town population<300 delete Delete small towns (in scenario editor)
town other_exclusive>0 auth Open town authority window for towns where someone else have exclusive rights
town other_exclusive<2 auth Open town authority window for towns where your exclusive rights are almost over (last month remaining)

Note: This help is for version 18 of the patch.

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