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1. Permulaan   2. Bas   3. Keretapi   4. Pesawat   5. Kesimpulan  
In-depth Instructions

Menyediakan perkhidmatan bas

Mari bina salah satu jenis pengangkutan yang paling mudah disediakan untuk anda; perkhidmatan pengangkutan penumpang melalui jalanraya (atau dikenali sebagai bas sahaja)

Mencari lokasi yang sesuai

Pegang butang kanan tetikus dan heretkan tetikus bergerak ke sekeliling peta. Cari sekumpulan rumah - ini adalah bandar. Setiap bandar mempunyai nama tertera di tengah-tengah, diikuti dengan nombor dalam kurungan yang menunjukkan jumlah penduduk. Cari sebuah bandar yang mempunyai 500 penduduk atau lebih.

Sebuah bandar

Sebuah bandar

Membina stesen bas

  1. Klik pada butang Road construction Roadcnstr.png. Satu bar petunjuk dengan beberapa butang akan keluar. Butang-butang ini adalah berkaitan dengan perkhidmatan pembinaan jalanraya.
  2. Click on the Build Bus Station button BsStp.png. The Bus Station Orientation window will appear, giving you six choices for the orientation of your bus station. The left four are dead-end bus termini that you build next to a road. The right two are through bus stops that you build on top of a road.
Tutorial bus 2.png

Selecting an orientation and location.

  1. Look for a free tile next to a road, near to some houses.
  2. Click the correct orientation button so that your bus station will have its entrance facing the road.
  3. Left-click on your chosen tile to build the bus station there. You'll notice a red number floating up, which indicates the amount of money you just spent. If you get the orientation right, you'll also notice the road is extended into your bus station.
  4. Repeat this procedure for another bus station in a different part of town.
Tutorial bus 4.png

After building both bus stations.

Buying a bus

To move passengers between these two stations you obviously need to have a bus. Buses (and all other vehicles) are built in depots.

  1. Build a road vehicle depot by clicking the Depot button RVDPT.png in the Road construction toolbar, and follow the same procedure as with the bus stations. Try to build it close to either of the bus stations but it doesn't matter if it's not surrounded by houses this time.
  2. Click on your newly built depot. The depot menu will appear, and you will get an overview of all the vehicles in there - currently none. We can change that by buying a bus!
  3. Choose the New Vehicles button at the bottom of the depot. Another screen will open, this time listing all the vehicles available to you at this moment. At the top you will find the bus - an MPS Regal bus to be precise.
Tutorial bus 5.png

Inside the depot...

  1. Click the bus to select it and then click Buy Vehicle. A new vehicle window will appear.
  2. Now your bus is built and ready to take orders. You don't need the Depot window anymore for now, so click on the x in its top-left corner.

Giving orders to your bus

  1. In the vehicle window, click the Orders button Orders.png.
  2. Click the Go To button, and then click on your first bus station with the special go to cursor. This will add an instruction to the vehicle's orders; Go to <station name>.
  3. Click Go To again, and add your second station to the vehicles order list in the same way. Once a vehicle has reached the end of its instructions, it will start over from the beginning.
Tutorial bus 6.png

Giving orders.

  1. In the vehicle window, press the status bar at the bottom that says Stopped, and your bus will leave the depot and start driving between the stations.
Tutorial bus 7.png

Your first bus is about to arrive at the bus station.

Congratulations - you have just built your first bus service! Over time passengers will gather at the bus stations, and your bus will collect them and drop them off at the other side of town. When this happens, you'll notice green numbers floating out of your bus - income!

Your bus will probably not be very profitable, as it drives only a short distance and won't carry a lot of passengers. You will need to create more transport services in order to build your income and empire.

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