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License for released work

All sprites which I have posted here on the wiki, on Jupix's repository or on the tt-forum as a .tar file are GPL v2. Preview images and .rar's, unless I have otherwise stated, are just for previews, and are here to gather opinions, but are not publicly released, and not for cutting up/reassembling.

Because of file size restrictions, .rar files have sometimes been used to break up big .tar files on the tt-forum. The following are also GPL v2: Ground-With Lines v4, Ground-Without Lines v2 (and derived files), Ground-Pavement, Road-Lines, Road-Nolines and Faces v2.

This applies to all future attachments/uploads also.

This licence may be changed in the future but only if required to comply with any changing in Licensing for the currently called '32bpp Full Zoom Project'.

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