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Tunnels and Bridges with signals.

Not being able to use signals in long tunnels and bridges limited their use dramatically. I normally located depots next to them as to absorb traffic jams. I made a solution now that simulates signals in the tunnel. The working is quite simple. Every time after a train enters the tunnel, it becomes invisible for the train behind it. When the train behind is faster it will be stopped when coming too close to the train in front. On bridges and tunnels this is one signal every six tiles.



  • Capability to place signal on entrance.
  • Allowing more than one train at the same time inside tunnel or on bridge.
  • The moment you place signal, the tunnel / bridge becomes one-way.
  • Ability to see vehicles inside tunnels.(Click on tunnel entrance)
  • The signals work like block signal only.


  • To activate this feature just build signal on entrance.
  • distance between each train is 6 tiles.
  • Switching direction works the same like normal signals.
Putting and removing of signals


  • Removing the signal from tunnel / bridge is the same as with normal signals.

Just remove the signal on the ramp.

Current patch

See first page of Signals in tunnels and on bridges topic.


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