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Drive-through depots are depots that have a door in both sides. A train or road vehicle can enter and leave from either side. This allows build of space-efficient sidings, service areas, etc.


Current patch


  • Enter/leave road and rail depots from front and back sides
  • Leaving depot triggers "leave station" codepaths, ie determine path to next order and reverse/don't reverse as necessary. If no path found or no next order, vehicle leaves as it entered, just like regular depots
  • Building a depot will also build junction rails/roads on both sides as required
  • Vehicles can drive through depots without stopping if they don't need to (configurable via advanced settings)
  • Speed limit for driving through without stopping


  • Be more deliberate about allowing pathfinder to find a path through the depot, with some explicit cost
  • Expose drive-through depots to AIs

To be considered

  • Are single-entry depots required anymore?
    • If you only want to use one side, just don't hook up the other side.
    • On the other hand, a front-side door to nowhere looks silly
    • Also potential frustration with the autotrack/road stuff if you didn't want to join the depot to one side
  • Are new graphics required?



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