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These pages are used not only to collect interesting feature suggestions to openttd, but also to discuss their effects on the game or on the game play. Sometimes features seem to be nice but have some unwanted side effects on closer view.

Other resources on bug tracking/feature suggestion


collection of feature concepts and patches out there



extra large maps lively rivers


  • copy&paste / templates (patch) (new)
  • modify "allow removal of more town-owned roads": make the now removeable pieces much more expensive (depending on price, town rating, resulting detour)
  • better terraforming
  • drawing better than 45° rectangles?
  • are vertical/horizontal tracks "wanted" in a game?
  • To cross them you need longer bridges/tunnels.
  • To follow the opponent's vertical tracks is more space consuming than following diagonal tracks.

vehicle control

  • naming (and selection?) of shared orders (e.g. "Line 01"): these are actually group names
  • "sell network", "rent network", share network (patch in CIV1)
nice on populated maps
  • automatic rail type upgrade/conversion for trains WIP #1859
  • better profit rating (profit rating depending on cost recoup) - buses / trucks benefit most from it.

vehicle behavior




  • news on average speed records like in locomotion, affects
maybe company performance
maybe station rating, town rating



  • players action history and player viewport Forum
viewable for team members
viewable for admin for every guy (to kick annoying players)
see also tracking viewport patch
watch other companies GUI

in trunk (yipee)

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