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Hi. I'm tb2571989, real name Tom.

Fx This user is a Heightmap Artist. Contact the user for more information.
I'm mainly responsible for the Windows Troubleshooting Section, it's the article I've spent most time on. I try to help people on the forums, and now I can help here too. I have no experience with OTTD on any other OS's, so please dont ask for help with non-windows problems.

I dont know why the wiki capatalises the 'T' in my username, it's quite annoying for me. I'm also a heightmap artist, so if you want a heightmap, contact me using the links below.

Completed Heightmaps: Ireland 512x512 Ireland 1024x1024

You can contact me:

  • via Personal Message at the TT-Forums here,
  • via my Discussion Page here,
  • via Personal Message at The Codex Forums here,
  • or, as a last resort, via e-mail at

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