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Wolf01's Wiki Page

Hi, I'm Daniele, formally know as Wolf01, I'm an Italian TT player, I love to develop patches, draw sprites and play, but the best thing I'm really able to do is the third one :P.
I like more OpenTTD than TTDPatch, not because one is better than the other but because the different feeling I have with both games.
I mantain a site and a forum dedicated to the TT world (and other things, because I don't have only one love :D), it is in Italian language and you can find it here: or here (which is the same, but with the "old name", the new one I think it might have more visibility).
If you want to contact me to talk about everything I'm interested on, feel free to do it (check how to at contacting me)


Here you can find all what I've done for TT:

My Graphics

English thread

  • Brickland

My Patches

English thread
In development

  • Daylength
  • Main title scrolling (now Menu Jumping released by Roujin)
  • Cut or fill level land
  • Intro GUI edit scenario button (maybe a ctr+click like the quick new game?)
  • Eyecandy features (stopped, waiting for the Newobjects implementation)
  • Hotkey bindings (stopped)
  • Sloped stations (no, not station on slopes, sloped stations, waiting for some spare time and help for grf callbacks)

In trunk

  • Transparency Options
  • Trees button fix
  • Drag&drop remove stations
  • Adjacent stations (in cooperation with Frostregen)
  • Semaphores year swith (not my one but was almost identical)
  • Join distant station
  • Quick New Game Option (not necessary, see -> ctrl+click on new game)



Allow to define more road types with GRFs, each one with its own properties and graphics.
Currently in development.
See also: NRT Ponies


Allow docks to be build on flat canals instead of a slope.


Some changes on how traffic on water is handled, changes many water related features such as locks, ship collisions...

Remove globals

Move the globals into static classes so they can be accessed with methods which allow better control of what's happening in the game, specially in the game state (now uses 2 or 3 variables) and configuration.
Some work done.

Contacting me

There are a lot of ways to contact me, some ways are preferred to other ways, you can see where and how you can find me in the lists which follow: (to avoid spam and other nasty things to happen, I won't write down my email and contact information, you can always ask them to me using other ways)

Instant messaging

  • iRC (preferred): #openttd on both (English) and (Italian), known as Wolf01
  • MSN
  • GTalk

Asyncronous communications

  • forum (tt-forums and my own forum, the link is above): I'm Wolf01 on both forums
  • email
  • MSN (send me a message and I'll answer when I'll come back)
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