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The following entries are some stuff I would like to implement in NRT when it will be stable and reaches trunk.


  • Disallow building of tramway over road
    • Allow building on different roadbits so the tramway can cross the road?
  • Flag to not check collision against road vehicles, allowing trams to pass through lorries, maybe with some precisely calculated offsets it could simulate a hanging tram (track on the catenary)
  • No-junctions (currently developed and being discussed, as it's useful in some edge cases)


  • Add one way for trams: only draw the rail on the allowed direction, cycling the "one way" would change the side on where the track is drawn, no "road blocked" since it won't make sense on tramways. Intersections may be a problem to draw.
  • Purchase town roads to allow setting one way, or allow setting one way without ownership (only on town roads)
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