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Design Rules

Applies to early-20th, small FIRS/NARS maps. Probably depends also on several NewGRFs and other settings.

  • Max train length: 6 tiles.
  • PBS signals, spacing: 4.
    • 6 tile train wants min 7 spacing + 1 for splits.
    • Double freq signals error-tolerant
    • 4 tile serves early trains better
  • Double track lines, 3 tile wide.
    • Center line gap or bi-dir.
    • Line Depots middle of bi-dir sections.
    • Expand overloaded lines? 5 wide, 2x2?
    • Consider separate pax/freight lines.
  • 3-track through stations; modular.
    • Forced depot on entry.
    • Optional exit depot.
    • Allow recirculation.
    • Larger stations assembled from modules.
    • One station serves one industry/town.
  • Simple junctions when possible.
    • Favor 3-way jcts.
    • Reserve additional space for expansion.
    • Depots on jct entry?
    • Signal inside jct?
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