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Touch / pen support

Playing on x86 tablet (Windows 8.1) I found some things which could be changed to improve playability:

  • CTRL modified buttons: maybe they could be changed to dropdown to let the user select the other action
  • most buttons are too little also with the bigGUI newgrf, some others are just unreadable or the text is cut too soon, see Todo_BigGUI

Still thinking about:

  • find a way to not click on vehicles, stations, industries or towns when you want to scroll the map with the finger, maybe adding a delay to trigger the left click?
  • disable active tool when drag-scrolling the map (with finger / pen is difficult to right-click-scroll :P)
  • add hidden features toolbars, which normally are activated from keyboard, such close all windows or the chat
  • CTRL toggle for map actions could be ignored if there's another way to trigger the same action, but it would be a lot annoying when you are laying tracks and misplace a single tile (you now can ctrl click and remove it without clicking a button in the toolbar with the mouse), cycling the signals/pre-signals
  • SHIFT toggle for map actions, like for CTRL but this could be replaced completely by a popup which asks the player what to do between [prospect|build|cancel] actions, something like when you drag&drop an icon with the right mouse button on windows, which asks you if you want to copy, move, or create a link. This could help to avoid redo the same action after prospecting by asking if you want to build it after showing the cost.
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