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Work on the Wii port started March 2009. It will be playable with Wiimote and Nunchuck. Since Wii does not accept home made software natively you have to install the "Homebrew Channel".

This is not an official project! It is made by members of the community.

Current Alternative

This project is for creating a proper compatible Wii version of OpenTTD. Currently, the only way to play OpenTTD on the Wii is to install DosBox and download the DOS version of OpenTTD.


  • play OTTD online via wifi or offline on your Wii [Don't know if it will be compatible but we will try]
  • create your own maps
  • save and load games


  • For now the only installation method will be via Homebrew Channel. More information on this will be published later.


May change later.

Button Function
A Select
B Close all screens
Nunchuck Stick Scrolling

Frequently Asked Questions

  • none yet


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  • no releases yet
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