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Don’t save your new game options.
Don’t save your new game options.
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1. - The difficulty window


Easy, Medium, Hard

Preset difficulty levels. Select one of these to choose how difficult the game will be. You can also change levels by pressing the left and right arrows. Altering any of the settings from the presets of any of the three difficulties will change the difficulty to "Custom" instead.

Maximum no. competitors

The maximum number of AI competitors. If you are playing a multiplayer game you may not want this too high otherwise other people may not be able to join and have their own company.

Competitor start time

How long after the game start the AI competitors start. People in a multiplayer game are not affected by this option.

No. of towns

How many towns there will be in the game. This is also affected by the map size. A very small map will never get lots of towns, while a large map will a lot more.

No. of industries

How many industries there will be in the game.

Maximum initial loan

The maximum initial loan amount you can take out. The amount slowly increases with game time.

Initial interest rate

The interest rate for the loan you take out.

Vehicle running costs

How much it costs to run vehicles.

Construction speed of competitors

How fast the AI competitors build. If this is set too high they will have a giant network running in no time.

Intelligence of competitors

How clever the AI competitors build – don’t be fooled by the ‘high’ setting.

Vehicle breakdowns

How much vehicles breakdown.

Subsidy multiplier

How much extra you are paid for transporting goods over a subsidised route.

Cost of construction

How much it costs to build things and terraform the land.

Terrain type

How flat or mountainous the land is.

Quantity of seas/lakes

How much water there is in the game.


How much the economy fluctuates.

Train reversing

Where trains can reverse, either at station, or only at the end of a line. Even with this set to "Only at end of line" a player can hit the "turnaround" button on the train interface to turn the train around.


Whether disasters are allowed to be on or off.

City council’s attitude towards area restructuring

How much your rating will drop when you restructure a city.


Save your game options.


Don’t save your new game options.

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