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Advanced patch options

YAPP has several options not accessible through the patch settings window. These are saved in your openttd.cfg and can be changed either with a text editor or through the in-game console using the "patch" command. Changes made in openttd.cfg will not affect already started savegames, you have to use the console to change the values of a running game.

  • pf.wait_for_pbs_path (Set this value to 255 if you don't want trains to ever turn around at a pbs signal on their own.)
  • pf.path_backoff_interval (Increase if you have a slow computer. Set to 255 to disable path look-ahead if you don't want to use advanced signals.)
  • pf.npf.npf_rail_pbs_cross_penalty
  • pf.npf.npf_rail_pbs_signal_back_penalty
  • pf.yapf.rail_pbs_cross_penalty
  • pf.yapf.rail_pbs_station_penalty
  • pf.yapf.rail_pbs_signal_back_penalty
  • pf.yapf.rail_doubleslip_penalty


  • Works with NPF and YAPF.
  • Implements a signal system similar to Tekky's proposed PBS system (without realistic bi-directional double track).
  • Is fully backwards compatible, normal and PBS signals can be used in parallel.
  • Can highlight the reserved paths.
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