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This setting will enable you to purchase and either prospect or place industries which create raw materials.


The standard fund new industry menu
The extended fund new industry menu

Normally, you are only allowed to purchase industries which process materials, e.g. Factories, Sawmills, etc. When this setting is enabled you are also allowed to build raw-material producing industries such as coal mines, iron mines, etc.

When the prospecting construction method is selected, you will be able to purchase a new industry of the selected type, but the industry will appear in a random location on the map.

This does not affect which types of "naturally occurring" industries which show up, just which ones you are able to purchase.


Construction of primary industries is disabled by default. When enabled, the list of industries you can purchase will include industries which produce the raw materials, with appropriate pricing. You can enable this setting through the Advanced Settings -> Economy -> Industries -> Manual primary industry construction method window or use the following syntax in openttd.cfg:

raw_industry_construction = 2

0 = none, 1 = as other industries, 2 = prospecting

Valid options: [ 0 | 1 | 2 ]

Default: 0

It can also be set in the console using the command (single player games only):

set raw_industry_construction <value>

List of fundable Primary Industries

Name Cost without inflation Notes
Coal Mine £ 4,927,770 Produces Coal to be sent to Power Plants.
Forest £ 4,687,400 Produces Wood to be sent to Sawmill.
Oil Rig £ 5,624,880 Obviously this may only be built at sea.
Farm £ 5,859,250 Produces Grain and Livestock to be sent to Factories.
Oil Wells £ 5,156,140 Produces Oil.
Iron Ore Mine £ 5,156,140 Produces Iron Ore to be sent to Steel Mills.

With inflation, the cost of specific industries will rise (or have already risen).

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