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These settings can be accessed through the console using the set command. See also the console command listing.


autoclean_companies on/off 
Enable this to declare empty companies (companies with no activate clients) bankrupt after a certain amount of months (see below)
autoclean_protected <months> 
Delay in game months before a protected company is declared bankrupt
autoclean_unprotected <months> 
Delay in game months before an unprotected company is declared bankrupt
company_pw "<password>" 
Sets the password of the current players company. Set the password to * to disable it.
name "<playername>" 
Sets the current players name
server_name "<name>" 
Sets the servers name
server_advertise on/off 
Enable this to report your server to the master server. This controls whether your server is visible in the internet server list or not
server_bind_ip <ip> 
Binds the server to a specific IP. Standard setting is so the server binds itself to all available IPs of the computer
server_port <port> 
Sets the port where the server listens for connections.
server_pw "<password>" 
Sets the password which is needed to join the server. Set the password to * to disable it.
rcon_pw "<password>" 
Sets the rcon password (see the rcon command).
restart_game_date "<year>" 
Sets the year when the game ends and a new one starts
patch <patch_name> [<value>] 
Changes the value of a patch or reads its value out.
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