Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set

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Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set
newGRF Set

GRVTS preview.png

Generic Road Vehicle and Tram Set or GRVTS is a newgrf vehicle set by Zephyris. GRVTS provides road vehicles and trams for all climates in dual company colours, with articulated vehicles. This set uses refitting and generic cargo classes, so may be used with any new industry set (although some cargos may use generic graphics).

An extended version of GRVTS, eGRVTS, also exists which includes many additional vehicles.

Grvts preview.png


A Complete set of 32bpp extra zoom levels sprites are available for use with this set. Download link and discussion here.

GRVTS 32bpp Preview.png



  • 5x Normal
  • 4x Double-Decker
  • 3x Articulated (1 trailer)
  • 3x Express (coaches)

Heavy industry cargos (hopper, flatbed and tanker):

  • 4x Normal
  • 4x Articulated (1 trailer)

Light industry cargos (mail, box, armoured and refrigerated trucks):

  • 5x Normal
  • 3x Express

Passenger Trams:

  • 5x Normal (1, 2 or 3 car)
  • 3x Double decker (1 or 2 car)

Cargo trams (mail, goods, sweets and food only):

  • 4x Normal (1, 2, 3 or 4 car)

VehIDs used

VehIDs used are:

  • Buses: 0-14
  • Trucks: 15-70
  • Trams: 71-83
  • Empty: 84-87


Feature availability







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