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Railway Junctions
Junction Criteria

3-Way junctions

Basic 3-Way
Line Merge
Half Cloverleaf
Half Spaghetti
Compact 3-Way
Compact 3-Way B-M Junction
Ultimate 3-way
Half Transmogrified
Braided Junction

4-Way junctions

Basic 4-Way
Complex Star
High Speed 4-Way Fly-over/under
Pre-Signaled Roundabout
Advanced Roundabout
Right-of-way Roundabout
Improved Roundabout
Deepblue2k8 4-way Junction

Enormous junctions

Multi-way/multi-track cloverleaves
Dual Tetrathorp
Dual Transmogrified
Dual Branch-Merge
Quad Branch-Merge
Quad Tetrathorp
6-tuple Branch-Merge
8-Way Star
High Speed 4-way

Other junctions

Right-of-way Depot
Dual tunnels
Sideline U Turn
Right-of-way Lane Change
Right-of-way Merge

Track Layouts

4-Way Triple Axial
4-Way Triple Axial 2
Triple Via Mini
High Hill

Unuseful junctions

3/4ths junction
Ultimate 3-way junction for 4 tracks


Inline loop

This little junction is good for low density networks with trains that are short enough to fit inside the loop or so heavy that they cannot scale even a single slope.

U-Turn Junction


  • Cheap & small
  • No sharp turns


  • Longer trains can block the mainline when in the turning lane

Flyover loop

With the help of a bridge (or a tunnel) the U-turn loop can be made as wide as needed, without requiring any modifications to the mainline.

U-Turn Junction

Design tips

  • Make sure that the turning spur is long enough that the longest train can fit completely inside it. Otherwise a train that took the turn will block the trains that go straight.
  • Make sure to place a path signal in front of the track split. Otherwise a turning train will block the straight direction even if it doesn't occupy the actual track.
  • There is no need for excessively wide turns, because the train that took the turn is likely to stop anyway when merging into the mainline.
  • A bridge works slightly better than a tunnel, because its downward slope is located closer to the exit, and thus it will speed up the exiting train a bit longer.
  • As with any sideline merge, it is a good idea to install a priority.
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