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Doesn't the second picture (depicted as good) slow down a little longer trains as well (due to curve length?) due to curve length? Shouldnt this be emphasized as well (mabye in an advanced wiki page)


The difference is significant between the 0-tile corner and the 1-tile corner. There are real but lesser gains for each additional tile. There is no blatant "knee"; any double bend will slow down a train that is longer than the bend.
That said, the 0-tile, right-angle corner is the worst; that's one reason it can be disabled entirely in Advanced Settings.
Another point is that longer double bends are difficult to build into a complex junction. If you experiment, you'll find that you can build a fairly large junction and still be forced to use 1-tile corners, somewhere.
This is a fairly basic, introductory page. I suppose the first author wanted to get the simple point across. xiong 10:09, 20 February 2011 (UTC)
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