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Advantages of Tramways over road vehicles

I wonder, what are the advantages of tramways over Road Vehicles? Is it just the realism? Or is there also a gameplay advantage?

Trams are slightly easier to control (they move on tracks only, so you have some over which way you want them to take). Apart from that no other advantages that I know of. In the future please ask such questions on forums or IRC channel. Mchl 17:16, 31 May 2008 (CEST)
Thanks, no problem, next time I'll log on to IRC.

Trams and buses

Just a small note, trams and buses, and trams and lorries can share drive through road stops (DTRS's) if the DTRS is built on both a tram and road.

For example, if you had a bus DTRS and build a tram-way through it, passenger trams would be able to stop at it. Hope this helps!

John Brett (p.s. hopefully image coming soon so you know what i'm on about!)

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