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This page is a scratchpad for Construction pages (Airport Construction,Dock Construction,Railway Construction and Road Construction. I'm hoping to create a uniform style for these four pages, but before hacking away want to jot down some ideas and ponder them, and perhaps gather some feedback.


  1. Lists of buttons: "The buttons are self-explanatory." — if they are.. then why mention it? This sentence will go, it is pure fluff.
  2. Tone of voice: Very informal - suitable for a manual? Especially in Building Vehicles sections.
  3. Building vehicles: Perhaps overkill to present this information on all four types. Maybe combine them into a single 'Building Vehicles' article?
  4. All three others types are compared to Railway Construction in their introduction, railway lacks an introduction. Perhaps write a uniform type of sentence, more neutral then considering them all as mere alternatives to railway?
  5. Road: "RV depot" -> road vehicle depot.
  6. Vehicle building: Perhaps in numbered-list format?
  7. Graphics: Update screenshots with most recent versions of screens.
  8. General policy: Update version-based information so that it reflects the most recent Stable as default, only mention versions if it does NOT apply to the most recent Stable.
  9. Consistency: "What do all these/those buttons do?" (Road, Dock, Railway) vs "Airport construction window functions"
  10. Consideration: move to Manual: namespace (got to start the move somewhere..)? Perhaps throw this in the suggestion box first, might cause grief?
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