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This is the user page of Roujin, player and patchwriter of OpenTTD.

I've played TTD(X) years ago (still have my original box displayed in my cupboard) and stumbled across OpenTTD in Spring 2007. I started playing and, eventually, making patches for this great game.


Here are my contributions for (Open)TTD:


In Trunk

  • Area terraform (allows raising/lowering an area of land) r11759
  • Transparency lock (allows locking transparency options so they won't get toggled) r12102
  • Show supplied cargo (adds a string in the station placement window to show which cargos are supplied at the selected position) r12596
  • Server List Key Scroll (enables scrolling through the network server list with the arrow keys) r14517
  • GUIList Filtering (framework for filtering GUILists + example application: filtering in content list) r15367, r15372 - thanks Rubidium for improving and including :)

Also see: Flyspray (closed tasks)


  • Advanced terraform (CTRL toggles draw feature for raise, lower, level, dynamite, place stones, place rivers (latter two in scedit only))
  • Traffic lights (adds traffic lights to the game that road vehicles stop at when they have a red light. Towns can build traffic lights during road construction, if set up in patch option.)
  • Random road construction (road construction does not only happen when funded by a player, but also randomly, with a given chance. It can be configured in patch settings.)
  • Menu jumping (in the game menu, the view will jump to different locations for more variety, if used with an appropriate opntitle.dat - use signs to specify the locations to jump to)
  • Random conditional order jump (adds a new conditional order jump condition: a random chance of x%, where x can be set by the user)
  • Forbid rocks terraforming (forbids clearing/terraforming of rocks for more difficult gameplay. Scenario makers can then use rocks to create unchangable terrain. Also has option for no tunnels under rocks.)
  • Ingame Rivers (allows you to build rivers during normal game, not only in editor. Adapted and updated by Ammler/planetmaker.)
  • Yapf road vehicle addition (adds a cost for RoadVehs on a piece of road to the pathfinder. This is for vehicles to avoid congestions.)
  • Timelapse (small utility patch to automatically make giant screenshots in some interval for making timelapse videos)
  • Smallmap screenshot (introduces a new screenshot type that captures the smallmap)

Also see: Flyspray (open tasks)



I've also made one of the toyland trees for OpenGFX.


Using my timelapse patch, I've made a little timelapse video myself: Youtube video

I've also made some animated .gifs for TT-Forum, that can be used by anyone for example in his blog, or forum signature (of other forums) to advertise for TT-Forums and/or the TTD games. See this post. (That was also my first post in the forums)

Patches bar

This was used in my signature as links to my patches (is now outdated).

Roujin patches v1 title.pngRoujin patches v1 wiki.png
Roujin patches v1 patch1.pngRoujin patches v1 patch2.pngRoujin patches v1 seperator.pngRoujin patches v1 patch3.pngRoujin patches v1 patch4.pngRoujin patches v1 patch5.pngRoujin patches v1 patch6.pngRoujin patches v1 patch7.pngRoujin patches v1 seperator.pngRoujin patches v1 patch8.pngRoujin patches v1 patch9.png

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