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Detaljna uputstva


So, you have set up your first transport company and some routes. What now? Well, it's up to you - you can choose to build a thousand bus services all across the map. Or you could see a nice business opportunity involving a forest and a nearby sawmill. Who knows? Just make sure you keep your company running profitably, and perhaps you'll end up as the greatest Transport Tycoon come the year 2050.

Next steps

  • The menu to the right of the article lists some more detailed tutorials, particularly for railways.
  • Read a detailed description of the interface or even more about Construction.
  • Find out what kind of Vehicles you will encounter in OpenTTD. Meet planes & ships.
  • Follow Railway construction for more articles on laying even more tracks, making incredible junctions and some more advanced stuff.
  • Read the manual if you need information on anything specific - or try searching for it
  • There are also many tutorial videos on YouTube.

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