Advanced Graphics Replacement Features
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This page is not maintained. All relevant information concerning the base graphics replacement OpenGFX are found in its readme or at the DevZone
The history of OpenGFX here might be worth to be preserved and extended to reflect the development up to the current date.

As part of the 8bpp graphics replacement project graphics will be produced for several advanced or extended features. This is a list of the desired features, and progress of their graphics.



  Graphics Status Artist Comment Link
  Temperate snow DONE Zephyris - newTerrain v0.4
  Complete shore line DONE Zephyris - newTerrain v0.4
  Snowy temperate trees Unclaimed - - -


  Graphics Status Artist Comment Link
  Narrow gauge rails Unclaimed - - -
  Climate/drive side specific roads DONE Zephyris - OpenGFX+_newInfrastructure_Combined_Road_Set_v0.1.grf
  Climate specific depots DONE athanasios - OpenGFX_RdDep.grf


The aim of the OpenGFX+ vehicles is to make the original vehicles look better and be more useable; key aims are: Code:

This will allow use of the original trains/trucks/etc. with other vehicle sets


Other potential features would be additional vehicles in the OpenGFX style, particularly trams.

  Graphics Status Artist Comment Link
  Steam tenders Unclaimed - - -
  Extra trains Unclaimed - - -
  Extra road vehicles Unclaimed - - -
  Trams WIP DanMackK Preview here. -
  Livery Override for passenger trains WIP 7of9/DJ Nekkid, Purno Done: Lev4 'Chimaera', 'SH125', TGV/T.I.M, Asiastar. Livery Override v0.3